Sin City the Live Improvised Serial

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What is the show?

 SIN CITY is a live improvised comedy show performed in Victoria, B.C. Every week the same cast of characters move the story forward in hilarious and unexpected ways, as they respond to live direction. Funny, poignant, thrilling unscripted theatre - this format takes improv to a whole new level. Created and directed by Ian Ferguson and Kirsten Van Ritzen, produced by Broad Theatrics.


The fourth incredible season of SIN CITY is KINGDOM OF THRONES is wrapping soon! Set in a Medieval Castle in the fictional European principality of Thronavia, circa 1342. Populated by peasants, and ruled by royalty, its a tale that evokes the fairytale world of Once Upon a Time, the dangerous intrigue of Game of Thrones and the hilarious spontaneity of Whose Line is it Anyway?   *MUST CLOSE APRIL 29*

Praise from our audience:

"... I've decided that there is a particular brand of insanity coursing through this group of talented entertainers. Not only is it highly addictive, it is also side-splittingly funny! If you're not catching these shows, you're missing out. Thanks for another great night gang!" ~ AJ


“ Holy toot, tonight's Sin City was amazing.... I really really want to know what happens next  ... Amazing work among the cast, expertly directed... ” ~ CM


"Holy crucifixes! It was an epic show tonight!! If you weren't there, you missed a LOT. You had better come next week to catch up." ~ RM 

Every show stands alone - join us for one night of laughs. If you get hooked, come on back, you will be in good company!

Starring: Morgan Cranny, Wes Borg, Kirsten Van Ritzen, Karen Brelsford, Robert Conway, Alan Penty, Katt Campbell, Charlie de Pape, Bill Nance.

With: Mike Delamont, Amanda Lisman, Julian Cervello, Justin Carter, Christine Upright.  

Newcomer or missed an episode? Read what happened on: "The Story So Far!"


Victoria Event Centre           1415 Broad Street         Victoria, B.C.  

8pm Tuesdays

Nov. 5 - Dec. 17, 2013

Jan. 7 - April 29, 2014


Princess Ebba was lost in the woods for a long time (and here's why!). But she returned to the Castle in episodes 17 & 18, just in time to hold her lover King Bryun in her arms as he died.

SIN CITY in Nexus Newspaper:

CFAX 1070 "Eye on the Arts" on the Funny Women Festival and SIN CITY (Feb. 16 podcast).

Poster photo by Barbara Pedrick, poster design by Pat Rundell, photo below by David Bruce46826